Selling on eBay

Whether you’re looking for the best deals or creating your own store, eBay is just the place to start. The world’s biggest marketplace is where countless brands get their start and anybody can join in from home. Selling on eBay uses the same account as buying, so you are probably already half way there.

eBay's Create a Listing Page

eBay’s Create a Listing Page

What is eBay?

eBay is the world’s most popular Internet marketplace. Consider it similar to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market with the exception that sellers and buyers can conduct transactions from anywhere on the planet. This drastic difference means that there is a huge variety of pruducts available and intense competition on prices.

Who uses eBay?

eBay is the second most popular shopping and classifieds website in Australia.

The most popular site is Gumtree  – which happens to be owned by eBay!

The site is frequented by millions of Aussies who consider it their go-to location for finding great deals. This is one of eBay’s biggest strengths – it is visited by many people who are actively searching for products. This is different to launching stand alone web stores that often struggle to attract traffic.

How can I accept payments?

PayPal is the most common way to accept payment for items sold on eBay, though many options are available.

Most PayPal transactions are processed instantly and include insurance, both of which are important to buyers.

PayPal accommodates payments by bank deposit and credit/debit cards. Other payment options include:

  • Bank Deposit
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Many third party providers
eBay Fee Overview [2016]

eBay Fee Overview [2016]

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

There are various fees associated with selling on eBay. It’s free to list most items but eBay normally takes a percentage of the final sale price. For most categories it is 9.9%. Find the full list of fees here.

Fees are also associated with accepting payments using PayPal. These are normally around 3% of the final sale price. Find these fees in detail here.

How can I increase my chances of success?

Many successful sellers do the following:

  • Find a niche to avoid eroding profits by directly competing with other sellers
  • Ship locally as many buyers will pay more to have the item delivered faster
  • Write detailed listings with many helpful photos
  • Promote questions and interact with their buyers
  • Charge accurate (or free) shipping costs

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