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Apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) Required for Sole Traders and Companies alike
Business Fundamentals Learn the basic concepts underpinning all businesses (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Business Fundamentals‘)
Creating a Business Plan (text) Written guide to creating a strategy for your new business
Creating a Business Plan (text) Written guide to creating a strategy for your new business
Economic Profiling Comprehensive regional profile information (REMPLAN)
Find Your Australian Business Number (ABN) If you already have registered for an ABN you can find it here
Funding & Grants Find & apply for Federal Government grants
Funding & Grants Discover grands & more via a regular newsletter
Funding & Grants A searchable directory of Victorian grants and assistance
News & Articles A searchable index of articles on business & management (Log in with your State Library card)
Register Your Business Name Once you have an ABN, use the ASIC website to attach a trading name
Reports & Statistics Explore this vast collection of industry reports (Log in with your State Library card)
Reports & Statistics Research international and regional business (Log in with your State Library card)
Understand Your Community Explore the population in detail to help determine which products and services are most relavent
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Accepting Mobile Payments Make it easier for your customers to pay
Customer Service Fundamentals Training Provide your customers the best possible experience as you serve (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Customer Service Fundamentals’)
The Digital Garage Discover the Google services that can help promote, build and develop your business
Discover WordPress? (text) Build the perfect website for your business on the world’s most advanced platform
Discover WordPress (video) Dive in and create the website you’ve always wanted (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘WordPress Essential Training’)
Facebook for Business Reach Australians where they spend their spare time (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Facebook for Business’)
Google Adwords Pay for ads on Google search results to promote your business (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Google Adwords Essential Training’)
Google Analytics Track where your website visitors are coming from, what they click and how long they stay (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Google Analytics Essential Training‘)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Make your website organically appear closer to the top of search results without paying for ads (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘SEO Tools Essentials’)
Twitter for Business Promote your business online using #hashtags and @mentions (Log in with your library card. Search for ‘Twitter for Business’)
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Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Helps businesses & consumers understand their rights
Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) A Tax File Number is requiredt to apply for an ABN
Fair Work Information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations
Job Active An Australian Government website dedicated to connecting business owners with eager workers
Manage Your Taxation Affairs Become familiar with your tax obligations and work out how much tax must be paid for employees
Superannuation Resources Find out whether you need to be paying superannuation towards your future
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The Economist, Forbes, Foreign Policy, Money & Newsweek Magazines Read these immensely popular business magazines and more for free every month
Google Trends See what the world desires through trending search results
Read Business eBooks Thousands of eBooks for your PC, tablet or eReader

Advertising with Google AdWords

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Accepting Mobile Payments

Accepting Mobile Payments It's now possible to process mobile payments for your customers from almost anywhere! The service [...]

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Professional Video Training with is a leading online learning resource featuring educational videos related to business management, software [...]


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