What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s platform that allows businesses to connect directly with potential customers using Google Search. Businesses create their own simple, text advertisements and then select which search keywords the ad relates to.

Based on a certain formula, Google will display the ad on search result pages and provide statistics as to how many people saw it, and how many clicked it. Business owners can then use Google Analytics to track the browsing habits of visitors once they reach their website.

Is this valuable for all businesses?

AdWords is an incredibly powerful product that can take a lifetime to understand! Some businesses have referred to it as a goldmine that allows sales to be turned on and off like a tap, while others spend hours creating various ads and choosing keywords without success.

One thing’s for sure

It is effective to display relevant ads where people are actively looking for services. That makes search perfect.

The best measure of success is whether a visitor to your website converts into a sale. When coupled with the sale value, this conversion rate provides information as to whether advertising on certain keywords is financially worthwhile.

Can I do this myself?

Yes, Google even makes it easier by providing free phone support and a simpler variation of AdWords called AdWords Express.

Still, much of whether AdWords is succecssful comes down to the quality of the website visitors land on. It’s a fine art to create the perfect website, one that converts as many visitors as possible into sales or sales leads.

What do I need to get started?

Just use your free Google account to log in at adwords.google.com and follow the prompts. AdWords relies mostly on your website as the destination for ad clicks, however it’s also possible to advertise directly to mobile users and have them call your business directly.

Payments for clicked ads are charged directly to the associated credit card on the account, with certain keywords costing more than others.

There are also thousands of third-party providers who can manage the service for you. This is appealing as many business owners would rather serve their customers than spend hours online managing ads!

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