Building a Website with WordPress

Future Updates are Built-in

Future Updates are Built-in

WordPress is the functional backend of 30% of all websites – including this very site! Creators from all over the world trust this open source, community driven software to power their businesses, blogs and social sites. Use the resources below to discover how it works and why it might be a good fit for your business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system for websites. It is built using PHP and functions through the use of MySQL on compatible computer servers.

More than 60 million websites are built using WordPress.

What does WordPress look like?

Users and developers are able to create their own themes for WordPress which means that no two sites need to look the same! Many users simply purchase a theme (or skin) from a third party and upload it to their own site.

This means it’s possible for a user without any programming experience to drastically change a website with only a few clicks.

Users can change the look of their site with just a click. New themes can be easily uploaded.

Users can change the look of their site with just a click. New themes can be easily uploaded.

What can I build with WordPress?

Almost anything you can imagine! WordPress allows pages to be completely rewritten and also allows the use of thousands of free and paid plugins. These add an immense depth to your website’s possibilities and mean you can create a shop, a blog, a forum or even a social media website.  It’s likely that 30% of the websites you visit are running WordPress!

How much does WordPress cost?

WordPress itself is free software. Its Internet home is at and all security and performance updates are automatically available using the built-in updater. However the computer (or server) that runs WordPress is usually hosted by a third party for a charge. Prices range from a few dollars a month right up to thousands!

Higher end hosting generally provide:

  • A faster website
  • More storage and
  • Better security

Most small business do not need to spend more than $20/month on hosting alone.

Plugins Add Features to WordPress

Plugins Add Features to WordPress

Why should I choose WordPress?

The benefit of WordPress is that it is open-source and community driven. Websites built using WordPress are able to be managed by almost anybody without the need for specialist training. They’re incredibly easy to use!

Whereas if a web developer builds a completely custom website using their own framework, the owner of the website can be left in a situation where they must pay the developer for the smallest of content improvements. Other developers may not be able to improve or repair the website, and owners can be left with no option but to start again or pay large development costs.

Compare this to WordPress which is free, receives constant updates, and is able to be managed by almost anybody. Plus with just a few clicks its entire look can be changed!

Get started by:

  1. Buying your Internet domain name
  2. Subscribing to website hosting- choose one running cPanel
  3. Use cPanel to install WordPress

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